IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix

Tesco is BBH's biggest account. I've helped make loads of ads for them, from a Christmas commercial to an odd little recruiting campaign for their tech department. Here's my favourite. A year long campaign, Prices That Take You Back shifted 147,000 tins of beans in an hour, 19.8 million grams of Cathedral City Cheese, and three weeks’ worth of fish fingers in a day. More importantly, it helped Tesco turn a corner and produce their most creative work in a long while and gave them the best yearly sales to date. 

- Campaign Live, Best Press Ads of 2019
- Campaign Live, Best Supermarket Campaigns of 2019

Tesco Tech Recruitment. Challenges greater than any game.

How do you get coders, developers and software engineers looking for jobs at Google to consider a career at Tesco? By showing them ridiculous scale of the challenges they'll face at Tesco. Challenges like distributing 1.5 billion bananas.

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What’s with the name?
Once upon a time, my three year old brother arranged a random series of letters together to name a toy train ‘Psembi’. Months later, whilst sitting on the backseat of a station wagon as my hippy mum gave birth to me, my brother pointed to the newborn and said one word. Psembi.  
Who is he?
Psembi is the son of a crocodile farmer from Broome, Western Australia. He was the youngest Creative Director in the history of BBH London and ran Audi, BBH’s foundation account. He’s now the Group ECD at DDB Melbourne. His creative awards include a BAFTA amongst 200 others.