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In the two years that I’ve been at the helm of DDB, the business has tripled in size and transformed its creative reputation winning awards on all our major brands and attracting many of the best creatives in the country. We’ve won clients including Coles, Movember, Funlab, Peroni, Vodka Cruiser, Dabble, Smart Trike, AgriFutures and Made by Dyslexia. Here is some of the work we’ve made. But the best is yet to come.

The Mo is Calling

For our first global work for Movember, the start of this big enduring platform, we've launched the Mo is Calling. It turns the Mo into an icon to unite men across the world in an effort to stop them dying too young.

The Creative Index

It's always been easy to track the economic value of industries like mining, technology, manufacturing, and finance. And yet, for too long, the value of Australia's greatest natural resource – creativity – has been seen as cultural, not economic.

For the first time ever, we put an actual dollar value on Australian Creativity using live market data from Australia’s stock market. The Creativity Index tracks a range of ASX listed companies; selected after meeting the criteria and benchmark developed with our investment group partners.

Developed in collaboration with Jarden Group, one of Australia’s leading financial services companies, and exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria as one of the finalists for the 2023 Rigg Design Prize.

Kind Royale

We all know that online gaming can be a toxic environment that can have serious impacts on mental health. So what if you created a gaming tournament that ended the toxicity? That's exactly what our team did, working with charity PROJECT ROCKIT, Click MGMT, Fortnite and Queensland University of Technology Professor Marilyn Campbell. Kind Royale is an annual esports tournament that kills online bullying with kindness - by awarding players based upon their sportsmanship as well as their skill.

Porsche Pong

Porsche Australia partnered with Atari to put the electric Taycan to the ultimate heart-pumping test in a futuristic twist on the classic game. The experiment sees two geofenced Taycans go back and forth in a game of Pong, pushing the electric vehicles and their performance drivers to the limit as they rally a 150km/hr AI-controlled drone between them.

Roger the real human

When you bet with Dabble, you can copy the bets of your friends and favourite influencers. So we created Roger, a robot that loves copying people to feel more human.

Funlab - Unsubscribe

Australians are spending more money than ever before on entertainment subscriptions to stay at home, sit on the couch and watch crap TV. So we created the Fun Pass - a monthly subscription to go bowling, play mini golf, or sing karaoke with friends.

Australian Agency of the Year, Caples
#2 Australian Agency of the Year, Campaign Brief, The Work
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AWARD, Bronze, Digital, Kind Royale
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Caples, Bronze, Digital, Kind Royale
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What’s with the name?
Once upon a time, my three year old brother arranged a random series of letters together to name a toy train ‘Psembi’. Months later, whilst sitting on the backseat of a station wagon as my hippy mum gave birth to me, my brother pointed to the newborn and said one word. Psembi.  
Who is he?
Psembi is the son of a crocodile farmer from Broome, Western Australia. He was the youngest Creative Director in the history of BBH London and ran Audi, BBH’s foundation account. He’s now the Group ECD at DDB Melbourne. His creative awards include a BAFTA amongst 200 others.