In 2022, DDB Group Melbourne won Australia’s largest pitch of the year and developed Smith St, a bespoke agency model for Coles supermarkets. We’ve transformed their brand from one famous for bad and inconsistent advertising, into one known for contemporary and iconic campaigns. Coles’ new personality has unified the thousands of touchpoints we create for, from big above the line pieces through to in-store, social, digital and partnerships.

Great Lengths for Quality

An ongoing platform for the amazing unknown stories that sit behind everything on Coles’ shelves. 

Great Value, Hands Down

Motorcycles, human cannonballs, backflips. Coles have never been more excited about great value. 

Christmas - The Table Across Australia

Coles App Delivery - Recorder Recitals and Buttered Triangles

Everyone’s Welcome at our Table - Mardi Gras Sponsorship


What’s with the name?
Once upon a time, my three year old brother arranged a random series of letters together to name a toy train ‘Psembi’. Months later, whilst sitting on the backseat of a station wagon as my hippy mum gave birth to me, my brother pointed to the newborn and said one word. Psembi.  
Who is he?
Psembi is the son of a crocodile farmer from Broome, Western Australia. He was the youngest Creative Director in the history of BBH London and ran Audi, BBH’s foundation account. He’s now the Group ECD at DDB Melbourne. His creative awards include a BAFTA amongst 200 others.