Skeleton is the sport wherein complete madmen throw themselves headfirst down a track made of ice and concrete. Like most Winter Olympic sports, it's piss-in-your-boots terrifying. So to promote the BBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics, we dramatised the fear and horror of the games. The trailers were seen by more than 33 million viewers online and led to the highest viewing figures in Winter Olympic history. It also won a BAFTA. 

BAFTAs 2019, Television Animation or Titles, Winner
D&AD 2018, Animation, Graphite Pencil
D&AD 2018, Design for film, Wood Pencil
Clio 2018, Film, Silver
Kinsale 2018, Film, Gold
Ciclope 2018, Film, Silver
The A List Awards 2018, Bronze
Creative Circle 2018, Craft, Bronze
British Arrows 2019, Finalist
Annie Awards 2018, Best animated commercial, Shortlist
European Animation Awards, 2019, Winner
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Survival of the fittest

Most Olympic ads use human athletes, we opted for Guns and Roses and crocodiles. After all, like the animal kingdom, the Olympic Games are also survival of the fittest. 

Cannes 2017, Film, Finalist
Clios 2016, Film, Silver
ProMax Awards 2016, Silver, Bronze
British Craft Arrows 2016, Music, Silver
British Craft Arrows 2016, Animation, Finalist
2 x Shots Magazine Awards, Shortlist
SPORTEL Awards 2016, Promotion, Gold
International Olympic Committee 2017, The Best On-Air Promotion, Worldwide Winner
Royal Television Society Awards 2016, Design, Gold
2 x Kinsale 2017, Shortlist and Silver


What’s with the name?
Once upon a time, my three year old brother arranged a random series of letters together to name a toy train ‘Psembi’. Months later, whilst sitting on the backseat of a station wagon as my hippy mum gave birth to me, my brother pointed to the newborn and said one word. Psembi.  
Who is he?
Psembi is the son of a crocodile farmer from Broome, Western Australia. He was the youngest Creative Director in the history of BBH London and ran Audi, BBH’s foundation account. He’s now the Group ECD at DDB Melbourne. His creative awards include a BAFTA amongst 200 others.